Wheelchair Support

Getting around in a wheelchair can be difficult. Rely on Access Ambulance’s van fleet to get your loved one where they need to go—safely.

What is wheelchair support?

It’s common for patients to leave their hospital or care facility in a wheelchair. If your loved one is completely immobilized and needs a wheelchair to get around, they may be unable to comfortably travel in a car. 

Access Ambulance gives our patients dignified, compassionate transportation that accommodates the needs of their wheelchair. Our wheelchair support service:

  • Safely raises the patient into our van with a specialized lift. 
  • Ensures patients can stay seated the entire time for their comfort. 
  • Secures both your loved one and their wheelchair during transportation, so everyone arrives safely. 
  • Supports both electric and manual wheelchairs. 

Wheelchair support is different than Basic Life Support because it’s designed for stable patients who don’t need any medical monitoring. Wheelchair support is great for non-emergency transportation between facilities, like rehabilitation centers or nursing homes. 

Do I qualify for wheelchair support?

If your loved one needs any kind of medical monitoring or treatment during their transportation, they won’t qualify for wheelchair service. This service is perfect for patients with needs like:

  • Transportation to their home after the hospital, to the clinic for follow-up appointments, or to a rehabilitation center. 
  • Attending dialysis, radiation, or other doctor’s appointments. 
  • Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.
  • Careful oxygen tank handling. Our drivers will accommodate your loved one’s oxygen tank, but the patient needs to be able to self-administer oxygen as needed.

Thanks to our wheelchair lift and secure lap belts, your loved one can get where they need to be safely, thanks to Access Ambulance’s devoted, professional team.

Access Ambulance’s wheelchair support services

We believe in giving patients with limited mobility the independence and freedom they need to manage their health. Access Ambulance helps patients in wheelchairs get to and from their appointments safely thanks to our specialized fleet of vans. 

We’ve designed our vans for your loved one’s comfort first, adding features like:

  • Room for family. Be present with your loved one during their transport for ultimate peace of mind. 
  • ADA compliance. All Access Ambulance vans comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. 
  • Trained drivers. While our drivers aren’t certified EMTs, we’ve trained them to understand patient needs and wheelchair safety. 
  • Extra headroom. Never worry about your loved one’s comfort with Access Ambulance. We treat our patients how we would want to be treated, which means allowing an appropriate amount of room for our patients. 

See our efficient, professional service in action. Contact Access Ambulance to schedule reliable wheelchair transport. 

The Access Ambulance Difference

We know you could choose from several ambulance providers near you. What makes Access Ambulance special? 

  1. We know the latest technology means saving more lives. With the latest technology, like GPS, power-assist stretchers, and  12-lead monitors in every ALS vehicle, Access Ambulance gives our patients the level of care they deserve. 
  2. Access Ambulance accepts most major insurance carriers in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Get in touch with our team to learn about insurance options. 
  3. Professionalism. We take pride in how our EMTs and wheel-chair drivers treat our patients. From our professional uniforms, inspection-ready vehicles to our ongoing training, professionalism separates Access Ambulance from the rest.
  4. Cleanliness. We maintain our fleet of vehicles to the highest industry standards. Every vehicle in our fleet is washed and sanitized at the beginning and end of each shift.  
  5. Let our team cater to your needs. Would your loved one feel more comfortable with a female technician or a bilingual EMT? Let us know! Access Ambulance is happy to add special requests that enhance the level of patient care. 
  6. We treat your family member like our own by providing compassionate care in a dignified manner so you can rest assured your loved one is safe with us from pick up to drop off.

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