Basic Life Support

Access Ambulance provides Basic Life Support during pre-scheduled transports to provide a compassionate, safe experience.

What is Basic Life Support (BLS)?

Basic Life Support (BLS) provides medical support and transportation for patients who are too sick, or need specialized care not available by a typical wheelchair van ride. Access Ambulance transports your patient or loved one on a comfortable, power assist stretcher for non-emergency medical transportation. 

This is a common service for patients who are transferring out of the hospital and going home or to a recovery and rehab facility. No matter their destination, we ensure your loved one is cared for by highly trained EMTs.                                                                              

If your loved one is in need of urgent or trauma care, learn more about Advanced Life Support (ALS). 

If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

Which patients should receive Basic Life Support?

Basic Life Support isn’t right for every patient. To meet our criteria, your loved one needs to be in stable condition and not require Advanced Life Support to stay healthy or comfortable. 

Access Ambulance frequently works with Basic Life Support patients with needs like:

  • Transportation to nursing homes or psychiatric care facilities. 
  • Post-surgical transportation to a rehabilitation center.
  • Oxygen and BLS monitoring. 
  • Recovery for fractured limbs and vertabra
  • Transportation when they’re unable to walk or bear weight. 
  • All our BLS providers strictly follow all Statewide Treatment Protocols to ensure optimal care

Learn more about our Advanced Life Support services to see which option is right for your loved one.

Access Ambulance’s Basic Life Support services

During Basic Life Support, Access Ambulance’s dedicated team of EMTs gives patients a high level of care. We use the latest technology and invest in ongoing training to give your loved one the best medical monitoring en-route to their predetermined destination. 

We schedule Basic Life Support services for any patient who needs medical monitoring during transport. Access Ambulance’s EMTs ensure your loved one gets the highest standard of care. We equip every BLS ambulance with just-in-case essentials like:

  • Airway interventions and Oxygen. 
  • Glucometers
  • Bandages and splinting equipment
  • Spinal support equipment. 
  • Emergency obstetric kit
  • Epinephrine and Narcan kits

Our compassionate, experienced team helps your loved one arrive at their destination with dignity, whether they’re returning home or transferring to a facility after their hospital stay. 

Keep in mind that our Basic Life Support service doesn’t include procedures like injections, administering medications, inserting IVs, advanced airway care or cardiac monitoring. 

Learn more about Advanced Life Support to see if it’s a fit for your loved one’s needs.

The Access Ambulance Difference

We know you could choose from several ambulance providers near you. What makes Access Ambulance special? 

  1. We know the latest technology means saving more lives. With the latest technology, like GPS, power-assist stretchers, and  12-lead monitors in every ALS vehicle, Access Ambulance gives our patients the level of care they deserve. 
  2. Access Ambulance accepts most major insurance carriers in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Get in touch with our team to learn about insurance options. 
  3. Professionalism. We take pride in how our EMTs and wheel-chair drivers treat our patients. From our professional uniforms, inspection-ready vehicles to our ongoing training, professionalism separates Access Ambulance from the rest.
  4. Cleanliness. We maintain our fleet of vehicles to the highest industry standards. Every vehicle in our fleet is washed and sanitized at the beginning and end of each shift.  
  5. Let our team cater to your needs. Would your loved one feel more comfortable with a female technician or a bilingual EMT? Let us know! Access Ambulance is happy to add special requests that enhance the level of patient care. 
  6. We treat your family member like our own by providing compassionate care in a dignified manner so you can rest assured your loved one is safe with us from pick up to drop off.

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