Advanced Life Support

Access Ambulance’s EMT Paramedics and EMT Advanced level providers can provide lifesaving care en-route to the hospital with
Advanced Life Support skills

What is Advanced Life Support (ALS)?

While our Basic Life Support (BLS) service is a prescheduled transport for patients transferring facilities, Advanced Life Support tends to focus on a specialized  inter-facility transport.

When Access Ambulance’s team performs Advanced Life Support, the patient is typically in the comfort of our vehicle. We’re able to monitor vitals, start drug therapy, do cardiac monitoring, and start IV therapy. Our ambulances also have CPAP and other advanced treatment options such as ventilator transports.

If you call Access Ambulance in Massachusetts, our team of certified EMT Paramedics and Advanced providers will care for the patient. In Rhode Island, your loved one will be in the capable hands of our EMT Cardiacs. Our team is specially trained just for Advanced Life Support and they’re skilled to do effective, compassionate care to quickly save lives.

What patients should get Advanced Life Support?

If your loved one needs medical monitoring while transferring to another facility and they’re stable, they likely will only need Basic Life Support. However, if the patient meets these criteria, they may qualify for Advanced Life Support:

  • Cardiac monitoring, including 12-Lead acquisition and interpretation. 
  • Urgent care transport.
  • Compromised airway care, including ventilator support. 
  • IV and drug therapy.
  • Obstetrical care.
  • Spacious, modular chassis ALS vehicles
  • Our ALS providers strictly follow all  Statewide Treatment Protocols to ensure optimal care

Access Ambulance’s Advanced Life Support services

When your loved one is in Access Ambulance’s ALS care, they’re in the hands of highly trained professionals. We provide pre-hospital and emergency support with the highest trained EMTs who can administer lifesaving care and medications. 

With 12-lead ECG monitoring, ventilators, medication pumps, and trauma service for critical injuries, Advanced Life Support is designed to save lives. Our ALS ambulances are also equipped with:

  • Airway bags, including CPAP equipment. 
  • Pre-loaded medication syringes.
  • Monitor/Defibrillators.
  • Nebulizers. 
  • Glucometers.
  • IV therapy equipment.

Trust Access Ambulance’s skilled staff to stabilize your loved one en-route to the emergency area of the hospital or a trauma center.

The Access Ambulance Difference

We know you could choose from several ambulance providers near you. What makes Access Ambulance special? 

  1. We know the latest technology means saving more lives. With the latest technology, like GPS, power-assist stretchers, and  12-lead monitors in every ALS vehicle, Access Ambulance gives our patients the level of care they deserve. 
  2. Access Ambulance accepts most major insurance carriers in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Get in touch with our team to learn about insurance options. 
  3. Professionalism. We take pride in how our EMTs and wheel-chair drivers treat our patients. From our professional uniforms, inspection-ready vehicles to our ongoing training, professionalism separates Access Ambulance from the rest.
  4. Cleanliness. We maintain our fleet of vehicles to the highest industry standards. Every vehicle in our fleet is washed and sanitized at the beginning and end of each shift.  
  5. Let our team cater to your needs. Would your loved one feel more comfortable with a female technician or a bilingual EMT? Let us know! Access Ambulance is happy to add special requests that enhance the level of patient care. 
  6. We treat your family member like our own by providing compassionate care in a dignified manner so you can rest assured your loved one is safe with us from pick up to drop off.

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