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Servicing Rhode Island and Massachusetts from multiple locations.
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About Us

Access Ambulance Service was established in 2007, the sister company to Med Tech Ambulance Service, the largest ambulance service in the state of Rhode Island. We currently provide transportation to health care facilities in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We have pioneered EMS by utilizing the latest technology such as Global vehicle positioning, 12 lead monitors and automatic lift stretchers. We utilize the latest and most advanced equipment available in our industry.

At Access Ambulance service, we pride ourselves in providing quality, safe, and courteous medical transportation. There are times when a patient might need something extra to make them feel more comfortable, that's why upon request we offer such services as female technicians or bilingual speaking EMT's. If there is something specific you feel your patient or loved one would need to make their transport more comfortable, please don't hesitate to ask.

Professionalism is an important component of our service. That's why at Access Ambulance we take great pride in how our EMT's present themselves and treat you or your loved ones as a member of our family. We ensure you that our staff looks professional and conduct themselves as such. Our vehicles and equipment are updated and maintained to the highest standards in the industry. Our large fleet of vehicles are washed and sanitized every 8 hours.

Access Ambulance is a provider for all major insurances operating in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you any questions regarding insurance coverage or ambulance transportation feel free to contact our business office 401-724-9901.

Gary Reis
President, CEO